Overview of services

After getting an initial overall picture of your IT infrastructure and your needs, I work out solutions specially tailored to suit your needs and expectations as well as to optimize the interaction of the single components in the long term.

My services include:

  • IT consulting
    Starting from the requirements and problem analysis, through planning and coordination, to the implementation and the training of your employees.

  • IT projects
    Independent external project management and/or collaboration in all phases of IT projects (analysis, design, implementation, monitoring and training).

  • IT processes
    Optimization of workflows without losing the focus on the efficiency gain.

  • IT security
    Security must not be considered separately but must be considered, integrated and tested in all business areas and processes.

  • Cloud Computing
    Qualified support for a successful start in the cloud.

  • Virtualization
    Increase efficiency and flexibility through the use of modern virtualization technologies.

  • IT service
    Services around system administration, upgrade, optimization, outsourcing...

  • IT training
    Trainings and workshops tailored to meet your requirements as well as for instance security awareness trainings.

If you are interested in one of the services listed here, please get in contact with me for further details or to request a quote.

All listed services can also be provided in German, Spanish or Portuguese.