IT security


In recent years, the number of known data affairs has increased continuously. This includes both targeted data theft with criminal backgrounds and self-inflicted data leaks and breaches.

These incidents make one thing very clear:

  • 100% security does not exist! – nevertheless every company needs to take all necessary and (relatively) possible measures to ensure the security of it's data and it's IT infrastructure.
  • Current technologies and communication channels do not only add benefits but also new security risks.

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst These new challenges to security can only be met by testing the own security strategies at regular intervals to ensure their validity and effectiveness.

In the context of IT, security deals with:

  • the confidentiality of your data: confidential data must be protected against unauthorized access,
  • the availability of your data: data and IT infrastructure must be available at the required time
  • and the integrity of your data: the data is available complete and unchanged, i.e. safe from manipulation.

I support you in the following areas:

    CompTIA Security+
  • planning and implementing prevention measures
  • checking and revising security guidelines & policies
  • checking and revising security processes
  • business continuity & emergency planning
  • awareness workshops to improve security awareness in your company

All listed services can also be provided in German, Spanish or Portuguese.