IT processes

Deming cycle

The more complex the structures of an enterprise or its business are, the greater the need for clearly defined processes.
Processes make a significant contribution to quality and performance improvement – assuming you do not lose the sense of efficiency in the process definition.

I support you by

  • defining processes according to the ITIL recommendations,
  • revising existing processes with regard to their efficiency,
  • documenting processes.

In doing so, I always follow the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple), because only simple and understandable processes ensure the acceptance among staff and increase long-term prospects for success.

Already after a short time, your business will take advantage from the following benefits:

  • faster establishment of processes with sustained success
  • roles and responsibilities are clearly defined – improved communication through greater transparency
  • better planningand at the same time a more flexible response to changing requirements
  • higher quality standards, thereby also higher (customer) satisfaction
  • objectives are achieved faster – earlier return on investment

All listed services can also be provided in German, Spanish or Portuguese.